Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hanging Out at Madtongsan II

Meeting up with friends is always a good thing but it gets even better when you are actually meeting up with friends from home! I guess that is the nice part of having friends who travel a lot, the chances of catching up are heaps better and makes me miss home that little bit less.

As a regular visitor to Brisbane, it was a no brainer picking our dinner choice as J too loves Madtongsan II. And while dinner was later than usual, it was great to be able to get a table immediately instead of waiting in line.

A night out with friends calls for some drinks and the usual suspects of Makgeolli and beer did the trick. Nothing like gulping something nice and cold to start off the dinner!

A must order for us is a serving of piping hot Soon Dubu Chigae (Spicy Beancurd Stew). Chockful of mussels, prawns and beancurd, this savoury stew is comfort at its best.

Japchae is another favourite and it has never disappointed. Glass noodles cooked with plenty seafood and vegetables, this is a very moreish dish and we could not stop picking at it!

We decided to try something new and the Spicy Chicken and Cheese looked interesting. Arriving on a sizzling hotplate, the dish looked more like a pizza without the base. Smothered in cheese, this dish needed to be eaten while it is hot before the cheese hardens. It was very savoury but the spice level was a little too much for us. It would be good to have by itself with mugs of icy cold beer though, but not entirely sure if we will order it again.

Dinner was as always satisfying, but the company was what made my night. J has always been my Madtongsan II buddy and that makes the restaurant so much more special to us!

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