Friday, 8 November 2013

Dining at Taro's Ramen & Cafe

With J flying off in the evening, we decided to go have some ramen at Taro's Ramen & Cafe. I have only dined at Taro's once and remembered it to be tasty and filling, good for an afternoon break before heading back to work.

This treasure hidden in Brisbane CBD is located on the ground floor of the Boeing House. Even Mister T who works in the city did not know of its existence till this lunch date with us. J and I headed down early to avoid the lunch crowd and waited for Mister T.

Mister T got the Tonkotsu Ramen with a soup base made from Bangalow Pork bones and boiled over two days. This creates a very rich and flavourful soup that is not overwhelmingly salty.

J and I went for the Red Tonkotsu Ramen, a popular choice at Taro's. This is the same as the Tonkotsu Ramen, except topped with Taro's home made chilli oil. Adding a slight kick to the dish, the chilli oil definitely adds on to the flavour profile of the noodles.

Another component that makes a great bowl of ramen are the toppings and Taro's does not disappoint. The egg was cooked perfectly, with a soft, slightly runny yolk and slices of char siew that had a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

This was another delightful meal to be had, and a definite must try if you are keen to have something warm and hearty for lunch!

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