Sunday, 27 October 2013

Reliving the good old days - Chez Tessa

Delicious food at affordable prices. That is something every college student looks out for. So it isn't any surprise that Chez Tessa was my go to place for a satisfying meal that fed my appetite and yet was still kind on the wallet during my university days in St. Lucia.

So it was a bit of a shock for me to realise that Chez Tessa had a change in ownership since my last visit two years back. The place had a minor makeover as well. Gone were the tacky chairs and tables, and in its place were silver tables and black chairs that looked like they belonged in a classroom. The many food photos and hand written menu that one filled the walls were also replaced with a professionally done menu.

A quick scan of the menu showed that the range has stayed very much the same. I put in an order of my usual - Crispy Chicken with rice, and a serving of Chicken Wings in Chilli Salt.

Service was quick and I was hoping that the food would still taste as good as I remembered. The serving of wings looked a little smaller than they did in the past. Taste wise still as good but while it was still crispy, the batter was not as crunchy as it once was.

The Crispy Chicken was a bigger disappointment for me. The portion was definitely a lot smaller as compared to the grub I devoured back in college, and there was a definite difference in taste.

Perhaps I was too hyped up with making a return to a beloved old haunt that resulted in such a disappointing experience. The food I must admit was still decent if I did not have all those past glorious meals to compare it with.

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