Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hello weekend - Hakataya

Long time no see everyone and how have you been?

It's been getting a little colder here so I couldn't help but crave for ramen, and the first place I could thought of was Hakataya in Sunnybank!

We have had food at Hakataya before and it must be the best ramen I have had in Brisbane so far! The thing about eating at Hakataya, is the timing. Their shop isn't big, and I doubt they can sit more than 25 people at a go. This would mean either joining the line at meal times or coming in right after the crowd has gone. Another thing to note is that while Hakataya has a closing time, they have been known to close earlier when they run out of soup! Now this is something we have encountered numerous times and trust me, you don't want to head all the way to Sunnybank, craving ramen, only to see their staff packing up!

We like to sit inside, where we can see the chefs at work. Huge vats of soup are boiling on the stove, while the staff are busy as bees serving the customers.

The soup is not as flavourful as what I am used to having back in Singapore but it is still delicious. The highlight for me has to be the slices of char siu. Soft, tender, melt in your mouth texture that has so much flavour despite it being wafer thin. The noodles are yummy, and who can resist the best thing about eating at a ramen house - complimentary Kaedama! Sure it fills you up lots but it is so good you cannot say no!

A day out in Sunnybank is so fun, going to the Asian groceries, buying pastries and digging into Asian cuisine that definitely helps cure any homesickness I have got. Looking forward to our next trip as I noticed a food court I have never seen before and I would definitely love to try it!

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