Friday, 8 June 2012

Mid-week Breather - The Coffee Club

Took a breather from the kitchen on Wednesday and had our dinner at The Coffee Club. I've always like the look of the F&B outlets along Eagle Street, as most of them allow you to dine with a view of the Story Bridge. 

Dinner with a view is always welcomed.
Mister T and I were looking forward to dinner, as we would be using a coupon purchased on The coupon we purchased pretty much allowed us to order any two main courses and two drinks (wines and beers included) totaling up to no more than $56. At $19, this made dining out in the city so much more affordable! 

I usually order Eggs Benedict everytime I see them on the menu, but I decided otherwise this time and ordered the Chicken & Bacon Club Sandwich. 

A quick peek into the sandwich and I regretted my choice. There wasn't alot of chicken and bacon in the sandwiches, and the plate was piled mostly with bread, salad (both on the side and in the sandwich), and a handful of chips. The chicken was rather dry as well, but was thankfully saved by the caesar salad dressing. A filling meal thanks to the bread and chips, but I somehow wished I followed my gut or at least ordered what Mister T did. 

I'm getting hungry just looking at it. 
The Coffee Club Big Breakfast was a plate chock full of bacon, steak, hash brown, fried eggs, mushrooms and toast. It was a tasty plate of grease, with the eggs fried nicely, mushrooms bursting with juice and flavour and the bacon crisp. Nothing outstanding but definitely satisfying with a nice cold beer. 

The Coffee Club is not the first place that comes to mind when we think of dining out, especially when we have so many other favourties and many more places to try out. I don't think that we would have eaten there if not for the fact that we had a coupon. Would we come here again? Not at full price, but it would be possible with a coupon again, maybe. 

On a side note, the weekend is here and it'll be a long weekend for us here in Australia! Hoping to make it to Sunnybank this weekend, so here's hoping that it does not rain! 

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