Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sydney Quickie - Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

Mister T and I made a short trip to Sydney earlier in October, and we had so much fun revisiting this vibrant city!

After some delays at the airport, we managed to check in a little before midnight. Starving, a quick search online revealed that we were not too far from Golden Century, a Chinese restaurant that is opened to the wee hours of the night! Yipee!

Predominantly a seafood restaurant, the interior is unlike any other Chinese seafood restaurant. Fish tanks lined the wall of the establishment, showing off the day's fresh produce. The restaurant was still bustling with activity, with many people digging into plates of delicious seafood.

We ordered the Cod Fillet Sautéed with Vegetables and it was served promptly. The slices of cod were thick and had bite, and none of the fishy smell or taste one may at times encounter with seafood. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh, making this dish very enjoyable.

Many have raved about the XO Pipis and I had to give it a try to see what the fuss was about! Fresh from the fish tank, the pipis were cooked with a thick, savoury XO sauce full of seafood goodness. There is also an option to add noodles to the dish, which were fried and placed under the pipis and sauce, soaking all the delicious flavours. My only gripe? The noodles were a bit heavy and soggy towards the end of the meal, so ordering white rice may be a better choice for future reference.

The meal ends with complimentary fruit and Chinese pastries. Deep fried dough with icing sugar is always a welcoming sight to me, and while they do not offer much in terms of flavour, these flaky treats were polished off in an instant.

Golden Century is worth visiting if you are a fan of seafood. The prices may be a little taxing on the wallet but I guess that is the price you have to pay for fresh fish. The service while we were there was prompt and efficient but I have a feeling it is dependent on how crowded and busy they get. Overall, a restaurant worth remembering, especially to fix those late night cravings!

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant
393 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW

Phone: +61 (02) 9212 3901

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