Friday, 13 December 2013

Hello Weekend - Sushi Sushi (Chermside)

I have always been a huge, huge fan of sushi and it is definitely a struggle for me to not have easy access to reasonable priced nigiri sushi here in Brisbane.

Until I found Sushi Sushi.

A nation wide chain, Sushi Sushi is one of the few food court stalls that in my opinion do better nigiri sushi than their sushi rolls. Their business at Westfield Chermside is always brisk, with a good crowd during meal times. You can choose to pick the sushi rolls and nigiri sushis you want, or opt to buy a pre-made box set of sushi.

Their fresh salmon nigiri sushi is a delight to have, as the slices of fish are firm and sweet. We also chose some of their aburi sushi from the ala-carte range and were pleased to have tasty unagi and salmon sushi. It would be perfect if the sushi were torched just before serving, to give the warm exterior, but I shall not complain.

The sets are great to have when you want variety and do not mind a little treat. With a few slices of sashimi, some maki rolls and nigiri sushi pieces, you are guaranteed a delicious meal. You can also get some sides such as seaweed or squid included, if you are willing to pay a little more and choose the bigger bento set.

It may not have the class of Sono but Sushi Sushi definitely delivers for a food court stall. The food is always fresh and good though may be pricey if you want to have a good and filling meal there. Did I tell you that they also allow you to order online? I think it is brilliant as you can now order big platters of sushi and/or sashimi for the next party you host!

For the convenience and quality, Sushi Sushi is now one of my go to places for a quick fix of sushi. I cannot wait to try ordering some platters online!

Sushi Sushi (Chermside)
Shop 387
Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre
Cnr Gympie and Hamilton Roads
Chermside, QLD

Phone: +61 (07) 3359 3331

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