Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hello Weekend - Mura Sushi

An afternoon drive led us to Bulimba and Mura Sushi was our choice for dinner as we wanted nothing but a quick, small bite.

Mister T can never say no to Japanese Curry so he had to get the Chicken Curry. It was a HUGE bowl of food and a definite stomach filler. The chicken pieces were crispy and while there was nothing to complain, there was no wow moment either.

I ordered the Dragon Roll. The presentation was impressive, on a nice sushi board. The prawn was in a crispy coating and the slices of eel delicious. My only dislike? The sushi roll drowned in way too much sauce! The whole roll was way too sweet for me to enjoy it properly.

It could be possible that we have ordered the wrong things, or that Mura Sushi was having an off day we were there. But with so much there is on offer in Bulimba, I'm not sure if we will be back any time soon.

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