Monday, 18 November 2013

Back in SIN - Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck

Just like everyone else, my family have our go-to favourites and these places never fail to satisfy our hunger. Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck is one of these wonderful places that always put a smile to our faces.

Having patronised this stall for at least a decade, one thing about Yee Kee that differentiates them from other roast meat hawkers is that they always serve you a complimentary bowl of piping hot soup. Made with dried Mandarin peel and dried vegetables, this flavourful and comforting soup is further enhanced with the addition of the necks from the roast ducks.

We never had to specify our order, apart from telling the stall owners how many of us were there for the meal. We were then served with a mixed platter of roast meats - roast pork belly, roast duck and char siew.

A big favourite of ours is the Roast Duck. While the standard may have dropped a little with the change of stall location, their duck still retains an awesome flavour and bite. The glistening skin is tasty and perfect by itself or with a bit of their chilli sauce.

A quick word with the stall owner revealed that customers go with the healthier option nowadays and request for the lean meat when ordering Char Siew. This is a big no no for me. I love the cuts of meat with some fat in it, giving it both flavour and texture. This is something I can just order a whole plate of, and enjoy with Mister T over a jug of Tiger Beer, kopitiam style.

This stall has been around for a very long time but may unfortunately close in the near future as the owners have mentioned numerous times they are considering retirement in the coming years. And while I reminisce and crave for a platter of roast meats from Yee Kee as I type this, I hope that Mister T and I get at least one more chance to feast on their dishes on our next trip home.

Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck
Blk 148, Silat Avenue #01-14
(Jalan Bukit Merah)
Singapore 160148

Phone: +65 9697 7083

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