Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back in SIN - Eighteen Chefs

It is always inspiring to hear about people getting a second chance and making it big. Without the trust and support people give one another, we may not have the chance to have a restaurant like Eighteen Chefs!

A casual eatery that targets the youths, Eighteen Chefs is a brand that is opened by Chef Benny that was blessed to not only have been given a second chance, but took it and made the best out of it. Having trained at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, Chef Benny is now paying it forward by doing his best to hire ex-convicts and delinquents to allow them an opportunity to make it on their own.

The food at Eighteen Chefs is simple fare of pastas, steaks, salads and burgers, with plenty of fried finger food items that are ideal of students to munch on together.

My friends and I chose to have the Cheesy Snack Platter to pig out on. Imagine having a big serving of fried onion rings, calamari rings, chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and fries, WITH a pot of cheese fondue! The fried foods was almost like a trip down memory lane, like I was back a primary school friend's birthday party. The cheese fondue was a fun addition to the platter, and we loved it!

The highlight of the meal was the Heart Attack Fried Rice. Wonderfully cooked steak served with delicious rice and a garlic chilli sauce, this certainly was a dish worth getting while at Eighteen Chefs.

Eighteen Chefs is a mish mash of many things, from the food to the staff, but what I love about it all is the determination by Chef Benny to keep his dream alive. Definitely a place worth going to for a casual meal that is easy on the pocket.

Eighteen Chefs
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange road
Singapore 239695

Phone: +65 6736 3800

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