Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Long time no see!

Can't believe a month has passed! Sorry I have not updated in a while, the job hunt and setting up the place has been a huge distraction. :)

It's the start of August, and winter will soon be over. I love how the cold nights bring about the craving for something, hot, soupy and full of flavour. It is times like this that I miss having hot piping bowls of clear soup chockful of ingredients.

I have been surfing a this food blog  (came highly recommended by a friend - thanks Candice!) for a while now, and the Lunar New Year Guk recipe caught my eye. Korean rice cake soup with egg strips and beef, how can one resist that? It wasn't long before i made my way to a korean grocery store and bought the necessary ingredients!

I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo before eating. >.<

There wasn't any beef brisket at my local supermarket, so I made do with beef shoulder. The broth did not reduce in the time stated, so it was left to boil for a while longer. I was also lazy to prepare the egg strips in two batches - egg white and egg yolk, so I made one beaten egg mixture

The result? Chewy slices of rice cakes, savoury beef and paper thin egg strips to add texture to the bowl of home made goodness. This winter warmer is now a must have in the house and it's all thanks to Aeri's Kitchen for providing the recipe!

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